Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Road Trip: Top Five Car Games

Ah, Nebraska! The perfect 455 miles of nondescript landscape for us to really get to know each other. Whatever should we do? We could continue to discuss our increasingly similar thoughts on bolting.... We could have a lively debate about the potentially disruptive geopolitical events occurring in China... I know! We could play a game!

With the 4th of July weekend closing in, I assume many of us will take to the road in vehicles crammed to the dome light with gear.  My patriotic gift to you is a list of my five favorite road trip games listed in ascending order.  Buckle up!

#5 Twenty Questions
Pretend to be anything that you have wanted to be: an iguana?  a skateboard? something your father is actually proud of? Your friends have twenty yes or no questions to guess what you are. A word to the wise... You'd better know a thing or two about what you are pretending to be. None of those "maybe" answers. Also, you will be surprised how often you lose count of how many questions are left. 
Players: Anyone who still cares by question 12. 
Effective Mileage: 50
Pro Tip: Be a Spirochaete!

#4 The Alphabet Game
Start with A and get to Z before your friends can. Feel the thrill of victory when you find that last Z while everyone shares a sigh of relief that the game is finally over. Or go hardcore and not be finished until you have lapped the loser in last place. Only one letter per sign. First called, first scored. 
Players: Any literate passengers
Effective Mileage: 100
Pro Tip: Find the Quiznos

#3 "What's that smell?" 
Maybe it's in the cooler? Or your friends pack? Or maybe it's the dog? I don't know if it is really a game but it gives you something to do and it often takes quite a while to identify. A time tested classic, especially in climber vehicles. 
Players: Unfortunately, we are all in this one together. 
Effective Mileage: 200?
Pro Tip: It's probably you.

#2 Car Bingo
Remember the little cardboard bingo cards with the red sliding plastic windows?  Pick up a few at the only place I have ever seen them, Crackerbarrel. Whoever gets bingo first probably deserves a beer or something.  Maybe wait until you aren't driving anymore... unless you're in Texas.
For a more personalized experience, make your own cards about what you might see or stuff that could happen on the road. Don't forget your blotter!
Players: Where's my Bingos?
Effective Mileage: 500
Pro Tip: Give your buddy the card with "pay phone" on it.

The Cow Game has a little bit of everything: life and death, triumph and defeat, math and livestock. Do I need to go on?  Simply choose teams; drivers side vs. passengers side. Whenever you pass cows in a field, COUNT THEM! Easier said than done. That number goes toward your total points. Whoever has the most points (read "cows") at the end wins.  But beware... If you pass a graveyard on your side, ALL of your cows DIE!  Of course you can add other rules as well. How about if you spot a military vehicle, punch the ceiling and kill 50 of your opponents cows? Pass a McDonalds on your side and loose 10 cows...or horses if you are counting them as well.  Why not throw chickens or dogs into he mix? This is your game and Nebraska isn't getting any shorter.  
Players: Two savage teams. If uneven numbers, help goes to the drivers side. 
Effective Mileage: 1,237,378 or until you are there...
Pro Tip: Surprise your enemy by instating the "_______sucks" rule, where you announce that your friend sucks and you just steal some of your opponents cows.

Have a safe trip, both on the road and on the rock!

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